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Elections 2020

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The race for the Oval Office and a few high profile Senate races have consumed the nation’s political attention in 2020. Combined with the COVID-19 pandemic and the historic protests following the death of George Floyd, the national media has had little time to cover the vast number of down-ballot races across the country.

These races are critical though. They determine the Senators and Representatives sent to DC, the officials who govern our states and municipalities, and make important decisions regarding questions posed on ballot referendums. Moreover, these elections illuminate the political direction the country is taking and hint at trends that will define coming years, whether President Trump is reelected or not.

To summarize these races and analyze their potential effects, the United States Section has prepared these briefs.

Oregon’s 4th Congressional District: American Hero vs the Blue Wave

US Senate Seat in Mississippi: High Stakes in the Deep South — Mississippi Senate Seat Up for Grabs

California’s 25th Congressional District: A Contentious Congressional Race in One of Southern California’s Last Republican Districts

Massachusetts Question 1: Who has the Right to Repair? Massachusetts Voters Will Decide — Again

Texas’s 23rd Congressional District: The Shifting Sun Belt

Georgia’s 14th Congressional District: Is Marjorie Taylor Greene the Future of the Republican Party?